November 2013

The Egyptian Compassion Deficit

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Few people, even among their most ardent detractors, would argue with a straight face that Muslim Brotherhood supporters, with all their shortcomings, are being treated fairly right now: an apparent compassion deficit has meant that, [...]

What the polls say: Egypt vs. the World

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  There’s a strange practice in Egyptian media: it refers to nearly every country, particularly developing ones, as a “sister country”. Newspaper articles never fail to mention “Sister Tunisia” or “Brother Iraq”. If it’s not [...]

October 2013

September 2013

August 2013

Egypt – A Fire That Will Burn Us All

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  On Wednesday, I watched aerial footage of Egypt on fire. The bright orange flames in the urban jungle of Cairo reminded me of wild fires on National Geographic. Only here it was buildings, houses, cars, offices, [...]

July 2013

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