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Meeting the French “Subversive Elements” That Israel Fears So Much

July 12, 2011

2011-07-09-P1120690.JPGA national security threat? 

Paris, France.

They are armed with colourful balloons and high spirits. There’s a rainbow flag in the midst.
But according to the Israeli government and the airlines that seem to take their orders from it, they are subversive elements and dangerous criminals who should be kept at bay, in what is arguably an international legal precedent.


It is a group of 60 people or more. Of all ages, but most are young, seemingly in their twenties. And quite cheerful, despite being stuck at the Parisian Charles de Gaulle airport by orders of the Israeli government which has commanded a number of airlines to not let them on board. Air France, Alitalia, Swiss, Malev, Lufthansa: all have readily obeyed, despite having the choice to refuse.

The group was heading to Palestine via Tel Aviv to express solidarity with the Palestinian people on July 8th, as part of an international campaign to visit Palestine and reside with local families. Their plans have been thwarted by a clearly influential government – and cowardly airlines that have agreed to serve as bouncers for Israel, a sight repeated in a number of European airports.

More than that however, it seems the airlines have decided to add insult to injury by mistreating their passengers. Not a single airline has offered a cup of coffee or a kind word; and now the passengers are struggling just to get their tickets reimbursed.


Read the rest of the article on the Huffington Post, and come back for comments!



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