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Egyptian Youth Sidelined From Their Own Revolution

July 20, 2011

My article in Yale Global Magazine is out!

One line abstract: with all the developments on the Egyptian political scene, the young people who led the revolution are struggling for relevance, while juggling to hold on to the gains from the revolution that many parties, chiefly the army, are attempting to overtake.

CAIRO: The January revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak did not bring about regime change, and protesters are back at Tahrir Square to complete that task. But amid frenzied politicking and maneuvers by the military, young revolutionaries whose fearless struggle instigated  the change risk being left out. Beyond keeping the flame alive at the Cairo square, they need organization to be a partner in regime transformation.

The smell of grilled corn and sweet potatoes sold by itinerant vendors has replaced the smell of tear gas in Tahrir Square. Thousands camping in the square – most in makeshift tents, shielding them from the summer sun – are joined every day by fellow protesters or visitors who drag their children amidst the crowds and ad-hoc stages noisily spewing chanting, rants and the occasional musical interlude.


Read the rest of the article here, and come back for comments!



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