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The Ikhwanmobile

December 4, 2011

As in “automobile”, not “mobile phone”. (Think Batmobile). There are several, actually – these are photos I took myself in the past couple of days:


03 December 2011 (less than two days before the second round of elections) – I spotted this one advertising for the Ikhwan candidate in Heliopolis’ district of Korba, playing this old war nationalistic song with religious undertones (this one: الله أكبر بإسم الله بإسم الله) and chanting slogans for the candidate, warning people against his opponent. It was so loud a resident came down to beg them to put the volume down as he had ill people at home who needed to rest.


20 November 2011 (a week before elections). The truck with what appears to be a TV screen is entering the gates of the student dorm of Ain-Shams University, for no good reason: t is illegal to advertise on University campuses as well as houses of worship.

The Ikhwan apparently did both.


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