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Madam Mubarak (and the children)

January 3, 2012

I really just wanted to publish this photo from 1984, taken when our former-future-King Gamal graduated from the American University in Cairo, because I think the moustaches on Alaa and Gamal look hilarious. Very teenage.



But it is quite a good occasion to also share the article I found the photograph in – it’s a reasonably good biography of Suzanne Mubarak, née Thabet, and a good reminder of why the hell is the lady livin’ it up on our dime, and not on trial herself.

(my original cynical instinct would be to quip back – “who said Mubarak was really on trial anyway?” but I’ll refrain.)

Suzy is quite the character and her influence on politics – and on her husband’s downfall is undeniable. It is widely believed that she is behind the last-minute change in Mubarak’s speech on February 10th where he said he’d be staying until the end of his term, though it was originally planned he’d be announcing his resignation that night. She was also the core pressure behind Gamal inheriting his father’s job (and, inheriting us), which drove popular anger beyond the edge and onto the streets.

In fact I think even Hosni himself is wondering why the scheming bitch isn’t in jail…

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  1. chaighiftmeet permalink
    January 23, 2012 2:36 am

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

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