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If roles were reversed..

January 12, 2012

Stumbled upon this drawing – parodying the iconic “woman with the blue bra” photo, below it in case you were living under a rock in December.

by Samar Elgyar. (source)

First thought was I couldn’t help but be reminded of this Banksy drawing in Bethlehem, of the little girl frisking the soldier.

Banksy mural, in Bethlehem Palestine (my photo)

But my second thought was to wonder – if roles were reversed, would those women really beat the soldier?

The answer, I believe, is a resounding no.

Not unike the Iranian woman I blogged about back then, who was protecting the Basij militiaman who fell from the motorbike he was riding to attack her and other protesters, this is how those Egyptian women in the cartoon would probably react.

Egyptians usually have a lot of pity for conscripts. Many of us have been there, and even those who have not know that those soldiers are often clueless idiots who do as they’re told and keep their mouths shut.

Even though, if they were to beat the living shit out of the soldier, they’d absolutely be in their right.

And if the way Egyptians perceive or feel about the army is changing, I fully and absolutely blame the criminals of SCAF.

Oh, and on the “woman with the blue bra” subject, this very nice article is worth sharing. (even if it’s in, sigh, the Washington Post).

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  1. Sarah permalink
    January 12, 2012 7:33 pm

    Apparently the volunteers of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice don’t merit the same immunity as conscripts might: Sounds like Egyptian women aren’t taking any nonsense from any their men in this instance. Conscripts, being someone-else’s-kid, may merit a pass.

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