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Your Handy Map of Cairo Walls

March 23, 2012

I wrote that nearly two months ago and, for some reason, never published it… here it is. Think of it as a handy map to go find the now artistically tagged walls mentioned here!


SCAF and the Ministry of Interior are barricading themselves, choking the commercial heart of Cairo in the process.

But that they don’t care about. They don’t care that putting up walls may stop a fight but is the most egregious expression of ‘treating the symptoms not the causes’.

Governing is not what they’re in it for.

So, like a kid playing Tetris, they’ve been dropping MASSIVE BLOCKS and erecting walls, creating a real maze only compounded by the multitude of downtown’s one-way streets. Which also gave a great canvas to graffiti artists, but the harm is far greater than the good.

And so, for the fun of it, and perhaps of use to the non-Cairene driver who sure as hell won’t find the blocks on her/his GPS, here’s a map of where the walls are.

If it looks absurd, that’s because it is.

The policeman marks the ministry of Interior, and the broken wall on Mohamed Mahmoud was torn apart by protestors. With bare hands.

Brick by brick.

Which is exactly how the SCAF regime will fall. Brick by brick.


NB — this map was published as I was drawing up my map; I acknowledge their precedence, and that I used it to double check the locations of maps.

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