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Amr Mohamed, the Nerdy Teenager I wanted to become

April 13, 2012


He got more coverage than Mohamed Sanad but still much less than he deserves. In case you haven’t heard: Amr Mohammed won the Youtube Spacelab contest to design an experiment to be implemented in space.

Oh yeah, and he’s 18.

The experiment is basically to see if a jumping spider can catch a prey in a microgravity setting (umm, space).

Even if you don’t care about jumping spiders, let me repeat the last bit: IN SPACE.

My 18 year old self is dead jealous!

Daily News Egypt has an article on him, as does ArabCrunch, which you can check out. And he’s also on Bassem Youssef’s show.

I wanted to send him a congrats email and since I may not be the only one -so I looked him up and here are a couple of social media links: Twitter  | Facebook | Youtube channel | Google Plus | HuffPo article |

I truly believe we need to connect with the brilliant minds among us and I encourage you to do so!

Also, according to his G+ account he’s going to Stanford. Badass.;)

Good luck Amr!

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